Welcome back to scho--WORK!

As you transition into the new season, we've got you covered with essential items to boost your productivity. Shop now and create an efficient workspace that empowers your professional journey.

Embrace the cottagecore or boho aesthetic while maintaining a productive work environment. Check out our curated selection of "Back to Work" essentials with a touch of cottagecore or boho charm:

  1. Elegant Desk Organizer Set: Keep your workspace tidy and stylish with a set of woven rattan or vintage-inspired wooden desk organizers, adding that rustic cottagecore vibe to your desk.

  2. Vintage Floral Laptop Sleeve: Protect your laptop in a laptop sleeve adorned with delicate vintage floral patterns, bringing a touch of boho chic to your tech accessories.

  3. Cozy Knit Throw Blanket: Drape a cozy knit throw over your chair for those chilly work sessions, adding a cozy cottagecore atmosphere to your office space.

  4. Botanical Wall Art: Hang up watercolor botanical prints or macramé wall hangings to infuse your workspace with a bohemian flair, reminiscent of nature and wanderlust.

  5. Rustic Wooden Desk: Upgrade to a vintage-style wooden desk with intricate carvings or distressed finishes, capturing the essence of cottagecore simplicity and boho earthiness.

  6. Nature-Inspired Stationery Set: Opt for notebooks, pens, and stationery featuring floral, leafy, or natural motifs, bringing the calming beauty of nature to your work tools.

  7. Wicker Waste Bin: Replace a standard waste bin with a wicker one to add a touch of cottagecore charm, evoking a rural and rustic feel.

  8. Bohemian Area Rug: Place a colorful and patterned area rug under your desk to define your workspace and introduce a boho pop of color and texture.

  9. Vintage Desk Lamp: Illuminate your workspace with a vintage-style desk lamp featuring intricate detailing, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  10. Floral Cushions: Add floral-printed cushions to your office chair to infuse comfort and a touch of bohemian elegance, making your work environment feel more inviting.

By incorporating these cottagecore and boho elements into your back-to-work essentials, you can create a harmonious and inspiring workspace that reflects your personal style while promoting productivity.

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